Smash and Grab

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What is Smash & Grab: Smash & Grab is a safety film that is applied on the inside of the vehicles glass that stops the window from shattering when broken and keeps all the glass together so that the criminal cannot get inside the vehicle.


How it works:. It helps to reflect and keep out UV Rays up to 99%. The film also reduces the heat in the vehicle up to 25% more than a normal window and re-enforces the windows so that it does not burst when it is smashed.


What are the advantages: The advantages of such a film is that it gives you peace of mind that there will not be a Smash & Grab attempt on your car, it reduces the UV Rays helping to reduce the chance of Skin Cancer and your vehicle remains cooler than before.


Details on the installation: Anti Smash & Grab film is a film that is applied to the inside of the window making is stronger and more durable to attacks. The film is applied and cut according to the shape of the window as not all cars have the same shaped window. The film is applied in a wet form and is allowed 48 hours to dry and become the strong film that is designed to keep you safe.


All of the Smash & Grab film that we apply to every vehicle is 100 microns thick and comes with a 5 year warranty. The film has been SABS tested and has been approved for fitment. The warranty covers any of the following problems that might occur: Blistering, Peeling, Bubbling or Cracking.