Performance Chips

How it works: This chip is advanced unit for fuel and spark and therefore it gives you more performance and a better fuel consumption. There are various different kinds of performance chips available depending on the needs of the clients.


What are the advantages: The advantages of these performance chips are better performance. This is done for those with a racers edge that want the vehicle to go faster than the factory production line. These chips are designed to push the performance of the vehicle to its peak without damaging the motor of the vehicle. A Performance chip will also allow your vehicle to have a much better fuel consumption especially for those whose vehicles are on the heavy side.


Details of Installation: The chip is installed by connecting it to the harness of the vehicle. The interface mapping of these performance chips can be changed to suit the client. When the installation is being done the following information must be provided:

What vehicle is the chip going into

What is the year model of the vehicle

Is the vehicle petrol or diesel

Is the vehicle 2×4 or 4×4

What is the KM reading on the vehicle

Is the vehicle Manual or Automatic

What is the engine size of the vehicle.