Paint Protection

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How it works: Paint protection is a film that is applied to the surface of any vehicle that allows the paint to be protected against stone chips and fading of colour


What are the advantages: The advantages of having paint protection on any vehicle is that it keeps the value of the vehicle from depreciating quickly and you know that once the paint protection layer starts looking faded and weathered it can be easily pulled off and replaced with a new one.


Details on the installation: How the installation works it the film is measured according to the surface that needs to be covered. The film is then cut according to the measurements and a wet application is done. Once the application has set and the moisture has gone away the film is then is full working condition and will last as long as you leave it on.


Advice on fault finding and problem solving: If the film does lift off of the surface then it should be taken to a fitment centre in order to get the piece that is lifting replaced as it will not do the work it is suppose to.