HID Xenon Lights

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How it works: HID Xenon kits consist of a Globe filled with a Halogen gas, and Ballist that controls the power and all of the joining cable. When the lights are switched on the power flows through the Ballist that enables the gas inside the globe to heat up. As the gas gets hotter the globe gets brighter. The Ballist receives a constant flow of 12v from the vehicle and puts out between 40 and 50 watts to the globe.


What are the advantages: The advantages of having a HID Xenon kit installed in your vehicle is that it makes everything unbelievably bright, it helps you to be able to see everything at night. It help your vision distance to improve drastically and it also illuminates all the road sign and markings in order for you to see them clearly.


Details on the installation: The installation gets done professionally by qualified auto electricians in order to ensure that all components are looked after and to make sure that there are no loose connections, no open parts and no problems.