Data Dot

How it works: Data dot is micro granules that is sprayed onto the vehicle at certain points in order to identify what panel belongs to what vehicle. Each one of these little discs has got the car’s Vin and Engine number on it. This is used as a prevention method for people selling or buying stolen car, bike or trailer parts.


What are the advantage : The advantages of having Data  Dot is that you can be assured that there are no stolen parts on the vehicle, the vehicle itself is not stolen, it has gone through clearance from the police, and the Data Dot has been applied where you can see it with a UV light. This is to make sure that no one takes the chance of trying to sell car parts that have been sprayed with Data Dot.


Details on the installation: The installation occurs in a private spray booth where there is no one else except the prayer to apply the data dots. Every data dot comes with a sample on the documents that needs to be completed and sent back to the Data Dot head office for processing to make sure the information is added to the licensing department. The Data Dots that have to be sprayed are supplied to us by Data Dot head office to ensure that the correct dots are applied to the correct vehicles. Once the vehicles have been sprayed in the designated areas then it is checked to confirm that the Data Dots are readable. Once the application has dried then the vehicle can be issued back to the client.