Cruise Control

How it works: How cruise control works is that it gives the driver the ability to keep the car at a fixed speed without having to touch the accelerator. This speed is set on the cruise control function as soon as the driver has reached the speed that they want to drive.


What are the advantages: The advantages of having a cruise control system in your vehicle is that you can make sure that you never get a speeding fine on those long trips. The cruise control also disengages as soon as the brake pedal is used. This is a safety feature that is built into the unit. The unit will also not kick in until a minimum of 40kph has been reached.


Details of Installation: The unit is place behind the steering wheel to make sure it is not the way of the driver. The unit is then connected into the harness of the car to make sure that the petrol of the car is controlled to ensure that the car does not exceed the speed that the cruise control has allocated. When the installation is done we need the following info:

What type of vehicle is the installation being done on

What year model is the vehicle

Is the vehicle petrol or diesel

What is the engine size of the vehicle

Is the vehicle manual or automatic