Car Sound Customizing and Upgrading

How it works: We build a fully custom Audio Sound system according to the customer’s needs and wants. This system is completely unique in every way and build according to the specifications of the sound system that is being installed. We also do the minor upgrades for customers depending on what suites their pockets.


What are the advantages: The advantages of having a custom sound system is that no one has the same set up, everything about the sound system is unique, the sound system plays at its best performance at all times without having the problem of blowing speakers and amplifiers or burning out wiring. The advantages of having a minor upgrade done is that it can make a major difference without costing a fortune. We can do upgrades from Radio’s, speakers, amplifiers to Cameras and navigation units. There are so many options to choose from without breaking the bank.


Details on the installation: The installation is a lengthy process that is done with extreme precision and neatness. All wiring is hidden away in order to show that the installation was done professionally and properly. All the products installed in this process is of the best quality to make sure the clients receive the best service for their money.


Reasons for Maintenance: All sound and wiring must be maintained at all times in order to ensure that the sound system is performing perfectly with no problems. Maintenance must be kept so that no Speakers or Amplifier’s wiring is burned that could lead to damaged products that then must be replaced.