Car Alarm and Central Locking

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How it works: Car alarms and central locking is connected to the cars ignition, electronics and fuel supply that allow you to feel at peace that your vehicle will always be safe from theft.


What are the advantages: The advantages of having a system like this installed is that it will prevent someone driving away with your vehicle as the siren will alert yourself and the people around you. It allows you to unlock your vehicle while walking to it so that there is no danger in trying to unlock the vehicle while standing in front of it. We also supply a VESA certificate with every ABS Alarm system to be provided to the insurance company that could help you to bring down the insurance costs.


Some examples of Alarm systems that we install are:


280 – This is a OEM upgrade where you use your standard factory fitted security system and link a alarm, immobilizer and anti hi-jack to the vehicle.



446 – This is a complete central locking and alarm system that comes with alarm, immobilizer and anti hi-jack. This is a separate system that is not linked to the standard system. 446

555 – This is a upgrade of your standard central locking system that is linked to your car key so a full alarm system that is also linked to the original car key. 555Clam

Details on the installation: Installation is done by qualified auto electricians that have received training by VESA. The system is installed and wired into the cars wiring system to ensure that it complies with VESA standards and that the system is working 100%. The system is then tested by more than one auto electrician and then tested by VESA to make sure everything is working.


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