Bluetooth Car Kits

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How it works: Blue-tooth car kits are installed to help you when driving. It pairs your phone to the car kit enabling you to answer, dial and talk just by pressing the green button on your steering wheel or on the blue tooth car kit.


What are the advantages: The advantages of having such a kit in the vehicle is that you always have concentration on the road in front and around you, you can enjoy the conversation of the person on the other end without the fear of having a accident and most importantly you can avoid the traffic police issuing you with a fine for talking on your phone.


Some examples of the Bluetooth Car Kits that we supply are:


  • Parrot CK3000 – Some of the awesome Parrot CK3000 features are auto connect that occurs when the ignitions is turned on. This kits is also integrated into the cars sound system that allows you the crisp sound quality while on a call, it also cuts out the radio of the vehicle if there is a incoming call. The microphone that is installed allows for perfect voice quality. The CK 3000 has a menu scroller that allows you to go through the menu and control your voicemail. The car kit is also linked directly to the voice dialling option on the handset that is connect. This can be activated and used by just pressing the green button and talking.




  • Parrot CK3100 – This Bluetooth kit has a LCD display that allows you to see basic phone info such as incoming calls, missed calls, directory, etc. It has voice dialling for up to 150 names and the scrolling button allows you to control the volume and scroll through the menu. This unit is compatible with any mobile phone and the software can be upgraded to match any phone that is new on the market.




  • Parrot MKi9000 – This Bluetooth car kit has great features and functions. Some of these functions are music playback through a specific cable that is supplied with the car kit, voice dialling, double mic for the utmost voice clarity and the synchronization of up to 2000 contacts per phone. The music playback occurs through the cars sound system making the music crystal clear. The double mic helps to reduce or eliminate back round noise in order to make the conversation pleasant with almost no noise to reduce the quality of the call. This Parrot kit also provides a voice menu that tells you exactly what option you have highlighted.




  • Parrot MKi9100 – The Mki9100 has some wonderful features and functions. These features and functions are OLED display that shows caller ID, Menu options, Incoming calls. This Bluetooth kit also allows for phonebook storage of up to 2000 contact that can be called using voice recognition and speech synthesis software. The OLED display also allows for the viewing of the phonebook, call records and user settings. The Parrot MKi9100 also has Bluetooth playback and is compatible to play music from other Bluetooth devices, iPods, iPhones, USB Drives and MP3 Players. The music playback feature works through the car’s sound system giving the utmost crystal clear sound. This kit comes with a double microphone that allows for all back round noise to be cancelled out enabling the most clear phone calls.



  • Parrot MKi9200 – This system comes with a 2.4” TFT Colour screen and remote control. This system has full voice and music functions. The remote control can either be positioned on the steering wheel or on the dash board. This kit also has full music playback from your Bluetooth phone, iPod, iPhone or USB drive. It shows the Artist, Song and Album cover of the music that is playing through the car kit. It also has a SD Card slot for music playback. The Parrot MKi9200 can synchronize up to 2000 contact and allows for voice dialling for all contacts. The display screen shows caller ID, phone book, call records etc. There is also a menu scroller that allows you the function of going through the Parrot menu and selecting the options that you want.