Auto Sound Proofing

How it works: Auto Sound Proofing is a material that is applied to the internal surface of the car’s roof, floor, doors, boot or anywhere that the client feels is necessary. This material reduces the noises that come into the car from the outside and makes the car ride more peaceful.

What are the advantages: The advantages of having sound proofing installed is that it helps the driver to concentrate as there is less outside noises. If you have a sound system then it will help the sound system to have more clarity as the sound proofing material takes away most of the vibrations that causes rattles.

Details on the installation: When Sound proofing is installed the panels and matting is removed from the vehicle. The surface is then cleaned to make sure that the material will stick to the vehicle and not come loose. The cars matting and panels are then put back so that the client can enjoy a nice peaceful ride.