Auto Glazing and Paint Restoration

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How it works: Auto Glazing and polishing is the process of taking a vehicle and removing all the dirt and surface scratches in order to make it shine and look new again.


What are the advantages: The advantages of bringing your car to DC Car Audio to have a Glaze and Polish done to your vehicle is that the Glaze makes the car look new again and helps to keep the dirt out of the paint work. The Polish after the Glaze is there is make the paintwork shine and look brand new again. It protect the car against UV damage and keeps the paint looking younger for longer.


Details on Installation: When vehicles are brought to DC Car Audio for a Glaze and Polish their cars are handled with extreme care. The cars go through a proper rinse to get all surface dirt off. Then once the cars have been dried the Glaze portion starts. This cuts through the old paint and brings out the new paint underneath that makes the vehicle shine again. Once the Glaze is done then the vehicle is polished and treated to make sure it looks brand new again with the UV protection. Once the polish is done then the vehicles gets washed once more to make sure there is no excess polish on the vehicle.