Auto Electrical

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How it works: Auto Electrical is the component of the vehicle that brings the electrical portion of the vehicle together allowing them to operate the vehicle and make sure everything is working like it should.


What are the advantages: The advantages of having your Auto Electrical parts of the vehicle checked is that you have peace of mind that the vehicle is running perfectly, there won’t be any malfunctions on the electrical parts, there are no error lights on the dash board and if you want to sell the vehicle then there is no faults on the electrical part of the vehicle.


Details on the installation: All of our Auto Electrical work is done by qualified technicians that work with the utmost professionalism in order to ensure that the client drives away with a safe and reliable vehicle.


Advice on fault finding and problem solving: Here is some advice on Auto Electrical problems when they appear. If there is a battery light that comes on when you are driving it is most likely that the alternator is faulty and needs to be serviced.

If the handbrake lights comes on then it could either be a switch that is faulty or brake fluid that is low. If that is not the problem then the vehicle needs to be taken to the closest repair center to have it looked at as it could be a Auto Electrical problem.


Reasons for Maintenance: Do regular electrical checkups on your vehicle such lights, wipers, fan switches, indicators, brake lights etc.

When you want to go on holiday do a check up on your trailer plug at least 2 weeks before you leave so as to avoid any faults that cannot be fixed in time.