Aircon re-gas and Repair

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How it works: When you are driving and your Aircon does not make as cold air as it should anymore then it is time to get it serviced. When the Aircon system is serviced it is drained of the remaining old gas and new gas and oil is put into the Aircon system. The oil that is put in is there to make sure that all the mechanical parts of the Aircon system is well lubricated and working 100%


What are the advantages: The advantage of having your Aircon serviced is that you save yourself thousand of rands to get a new system put in or having your current system parts replaced. Every car is recommended to having their Aircon system serviced once every 2 years to make sure that the gas and oil is still running perfectly through the system.


Advice on fault finding and problem solving: If your Aircon is not blowing as cold as it should, if the Aircon does not blow cold air at all then it is definitely time to get it serviced. If the Aircon does not blow cold at all anymore then you need to get it serviced ASAP as there is too much pressure building in the pipes and cause major damage if it is not repaired or serviced.


Reasons for Maintenance: Maintenance is crucial on any Aircon system as it is extremely expensive to replace parts or the entire system. Maintenance is also important so that you can enjoy the wonderful cold air that a Aircon provides.


You can bring any Aircon issues to DC Car Audio for us to look at.